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Hey, Coach Norbert here...

If you really want to achieve your dream body permanently and sustainably, then this page is the end of your long and painful search.

Thousands of people have already reached their dream body with the help of the MotivatedFit program and of this page. I would like to offer you not only the opportunity to get to know some of them, but also to get to know them...

You get the formula for FREE!

Because the truth is...

Doing more sports & eating less (i.e. eating less calories) is doomed to failure.

What you can expect in the MotivatedFit Program 

  • Motivation & Knowledge

  • Nutrition

  • Workouts



What is your dream body? Picture it. Do you know someone who has the dream body?

How did you feel when you pictured your dream body or that person with your dream body? Did you feel good about that body or did you feel unhappy and sad that you do not have it?

Did you feel good when you thought about that person who has your dream body, or did you feel jealous and frustrated that you don’t have it?

If you felt sad and unhappy that you do not have that dream body or jealous and frustrated because another person has an amazing body and you don’t, then you are not attracting that body into your life. You are saying “I don’t like that body and I don’t want that body”.If you think “losing weight is so hard” or “I will never have an amazing body like that”, then you will struggle to lose weight and will never have an amazing body like the one that you want.

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